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I'm Sandra Hughes.

My hope for you is that you get clarity around your product and gain traction immediately by starting to identify your ideal clients right away!

I've had clients who weren't offering what their clients wanted or were offering their products to the wrong potential clients. Once they shifted or pivoted what they were doing, they started making a consistent income.

I invite you to join this program which is offered on a rolling basis.



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See What Others Have Said About Their Experience!

Luci Gabel

Sandra played an important role in helping me integrate all of my areas of expertise, my life’s work, and education into my new brand. She’s a master at organizing and planning and helped me to make a strong plan for moving forward while repositioning. I highly recommend Sandy if you’re making a business plan, reorganizing, or pivoting. She’s a coach who has first-hand experience in both corporate and entrepreneurial aspects, and will help to turn what is usually a lot of hard work, into a fun experience that’s both positive and enriching! 

Leadership Performance Coach,  Author, Public Speaker

-Luci Gabel

Allison Kinnear

Sandra works wonders. She takes you and your business on a path to help you shine. Her experience, insights, homework, and support have been invaluable as I develop my business. I have gone from scared and procrastinating to clear and decisive nearly every time we meet. If you want to launch a business, or if you have a business already established but are still growing it, I highly recommend Sandra!

Women's Leadership Coach

-Allison Kinnear

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11 Modules

My Story

I’m excited to show you what is possible.

I would love to share my story and how the things I have learned to build a successful international brand can help you create a successful business.

I’m a former Gap executive, having worked both domestically and internationally, where I developed and executed the brand's real estate expansion strategy for Gap in the United Kingdom; I have 30 years’ experience in strategic planning, business development, leading teams, mentoring, and recently investing in and advising startup companies.

My mission is to help you realize this truth, then set you on the path to its fulfillment. This is done by discovery, strategy, planning, and goal setting, execution, accountability and thinking big.


During this course, you will: create an inspiring business vision so you can become an integrated leader. Get clear on your business priorities, know where to get support, learn to pivot, and build resilience on your entrepreneurial journey. You will set yourself up for success by creating a solid business model and establishing a strong brand.

Business Plan Prep Guide

We will use this as a working document throughout the program to develop your Business Plan.

Throughout the course, I will reference this document and you will take notes and gather insights that will later be able to be dropped into the final business plan blueprint.

By the end of the home study course, you should have a completed Business Plan.

Module 1: Inspired Vision

A Mission Statement is important because it determines the company's direction and allows it to be successful. Smart business owners use this statement to remind them why their company exists. The mission statement serves as a “North Star” that ensures a clear direction of the organization.

Module 2: Business Goals

Let’s define your top business goals for the year, learn how to organize your business priorities so you can gain traction, and understand how to best leverage your skills and talents for business success.

Module 3: Resiliency

This module will help you understand why you decided to become an entrepreneur and how to keep going strong even when experiencing setbacks.

What business issues do you face? Not knowing where to specifically focus (industry, customer, location)? Hard to stay motivated or find time to do the work? Not confident in your abilities?  

Module 4: Business Basics

Setting Yourself Up for Success: Be proactive vs. reactive, look for flexible income streams, trim your expenses and be fiscally conscious.

Module 5: Business Model

Learn how to research your industry competition and product offering, understand effective competitive analysis techniques and begin to establish a strong sales strategy.

Module 6: Brand

How does your product or service stack up against your competition? Learn the ADD Model and how it impacts your business, understand what it takes to build a brand, and developing the right mindset to keep you moving toward success.

Module 7: Priorities

CLARITY: Solidifying business priorities and creating actionable steps. Take a look at the goals you created in Year 3 and Year 5 and ask yourself what is one thing you can do now to support that future goal? Think of the long term gain of the things that you’re setting up now and then align your goals, annual, quarter monthly weekly.

Module 8: Completion

This module is a culmination of all of the work that you have done. You will also learn how to keep your business growing and thriving long after you started.

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