Reinventing Your Life: Your guide to finding fulfillment in starting your business

The Book Entrepreneurs Have Been Waiting For


Navigate the transition from employee to entrepreneur with confidence. 

Become clear on your market and competition.  

Learn how to network in a way that supports *you* and your business.

Stay ahead of your competition by anticipating, differentiating, and innovating. 

Prepare your business for rapid growth.

What If You Could Increase Your Chances of Business Success? Now You Can.

We start before we are ready — costing us time and money.  

We start selling stuff without an actual plan for how to run a business.

It is easier than ever to sell a product or service. Build a website, start a social media page, and get a PayPal account.

This may make you some money, but it’s not running a business.

Reinventing Your Life is a step-by-step approach to turning your ideas into a business.

Over 50% of small businesses fail within the first three years. Don’t be one of them.

Having a solid plan increases your chances for success and decreases stress and wasted money.

Are You...

  • Thinking about starting your own business?
  • Considering a big shift in your career path?
  • Leaving your job (e.g., retiring or downsizing) and thinking of a move into entrepreneurship?
  • Wanting to leave your job but aren’t sure how to create a better one?
  • Looking for an active retirement that allows you to keep your hand in the game?
  • An early-stage entrepreneur who is considering pivoting in a new direction?

Then This Book is For You.

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